Justin McGowan

Worship Leader

Justin began singing at the age of eleven.  When Justin was fifteen he was saved and quickly formed a vocal group with his sister and cousins called Born Again.  The group recorded and performed for the next five years.  When the group disbanded Justin turned away from God.  He began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which led to a dependence on methamphetamines.  Upon the death of his life-long friend, McGowan began reconsidering his decisions and finally rededicated his life to God.  Justin eventually began attending Life Impact Church.  During his tenure at LIC he served as Creative Arts Director, front-line vocalist on the praise team, and as Adopt-A-Block captain.  In October, 2012 McGowan took his place as Worship Leader at Church 180.  Justin’s mission as Worship Leader is to bring hope to others by ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit and by being an example of how God can take a broken, hopeless person and make them
whole again.