Welcome To Church 180

Pastor Mike and Talitha

Why name the church                   “Church 180”

Jesus said, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” The word “repent” means to turn around and head in the opposite direction from that in which you are heading, to do a 180. Church 180 believes giving your life to God and living by the precepts of His Word, is the only way to truly turn your life around. If you are poor, sick, bound by addiction, depressed, or just need a place to belong, to be part of a family, come to Church 180 and turn your life around!

Our Vision

To do something today that inspires someone to begin or deepen their walk with God.

Our Mission

We will accomplish our vision by hosting weekly services in which God’s presence will be welcomed through praise and worship, teaching and preaching of the Holy Bible, and a time of prayer that will allow God to move and minister to individuals personally.  We will guide people to their callings and purposes; equipping and empowering them with the tools and covering needed to succeed in their ministry.  We will reach out into our community with love to assist those in need whether the need is physical, emotional, or spiritual.